1. Fire-impacts on

Organic matter dynamics

Fire burns vegetation and litter on surface soils. A fraction of these materials is converted into charcoal. How does charcoal behave in soils and what soil properties control the persistence of the charcoal?

Streamwater dissolved organic matter

Fire exposes soil to erosion. During a storm, burned soils are more susceptible to lose sediments and nutrients via runoff. Much of these materials end up in stream water. How and why do fires change stream water quality? How long do these changes last?

2. Controls of fire-derived carbon exported from land to rivers

Soil mineral assemblage

Burning changes the quality and quantity of soluble organic matter that enters in the soil system. How do soil minerals (.e.g iron oxides, kaolinite, etc) affect the storage and transport of these organic materials in soils?

Fire history (time since fire)

Does time since fire affect the storage and transport of soluble organic matter transformed during burning?




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